Perang Laut Maritime Warfare Devlog #1

Perang Laut Maritime Warfare here...

Today we greatfully to publish sample of our game. This is still in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia Language) and English will come later. 

Perang Laut Maritime Warfare is RTS game about  rivality of many kingdom in the /Malay archipelago from Majapahit, Srivijaya, Aceh, Macassar, Sulu, Ternate, Tidore, Larantuka, Buton, and Brunai. Maybe for non-Indonesian and Malay player never heard that faction, but in this game, you will maybe understand that eleven faction although in real time, all of them never warring each other(Majapahit in 14-15tj century, Srivijaya in 7th century, Macassar in 17th century). By the way, Perang Laut means War at Sea. We still use original title since more intresting title than English title. We have develop this game from May 2017 and hopefully finish in early Augustus 2017. 

We have some idea to add more faction like Dutch East India Company(VOC), English East India  Company, Portuguese, and Spanish to make this game more difficult although the pirates faction seems dreadful...

didn't more difficult more fun?


Perang Laut Maritime warfare Indonesian version 16 MB
Jul 14, 2017

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