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Perang Laut - Maritime Warfare or Sea Warfare is rivalty of eleven faction in Indonesia archipelago to determind which faction will be a king of sea in Indonesia either with naval power, sea control, or number of port.

In this game, there are no hisctorical event or something like that since faction position is randomize from many timeline such glorius Majapahit from 14 century, Srivijaya from 7th century, Aceh and Makassar from 17 century.

Playable Faction:Unique PowerShort Information
Kingdom of Majapahit

+All ship get bonus attack +1
+Low maintence port -25%
 +Cetbang , small cannon has avaiable
Majapahit is last great Hindu kingdom in Indonesia at 14th century. With army and naval power, Majapahit influncing many kingdom in Indonesia , Malaya, and North Borneo.
Kingdom of Srivijaya"Maharaja from East"
+gold resource area and all port get double income 
+all ship move fast from 1.5
Srivijaya is first great kingdom in Indonesia at 8th to 10th century with control Malaka striat and become a richest kingdom at their time.
Sultanate of Aceh"Rencong's Land"
All merchant type will get same attack with galley
At 16-17th century, Sultanate of Aceh control many port in Malaka striat, either Sumatra or Malaya with naval power and for many times, Aceh tried to expel the Portuguese from Mallaca.
Sultanate of Makassar
"Rooster from East"
+Construction ship more faster 3x time!
Makassar is powerful sultanate in 17th century with controling many island like Sumbawa, Buton, and east Borneo.  Their powerful navy make Makassar tried to repel the Dutch from East Indonesia
Sultanate of Brunai"Sultanate of Borneo"
+bonus of Jewel and champor will double income
 in 16th century. , Brunai  covered north Borneo (Serawak, Sabah), Palawan, and Sulu. In high peak, Brunai try to defend their subject from Spainish in Philippines.
Sultanate of Malacca"Jewel of East"
>All income will double
in 15 th century, Malacca's wealthiness make many merchants come to Malacca tried get fortune from spice trading which make Portuguese come to Malacca in 1512.
Kingdom of Larantuka"Knight of Larantuka" Larantuka is Catolic kingdom in Nusa Tenggara area and tried to expand their power by control trading in Sawu sea in order monopolizing Sandalwood.
Sultanate of Tidore"Sultan of Maluku and Papua"
Sultanate of Ternate"Sultanate of 72 islands"
Sultanate of Buton"Fort of Wolio"
Sultanate of Sulu"Raider of Sulu"

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