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Pedalahusa Fall of Bali is war game based on Bali-Lombok in 19th century from 1800 to 1908. Long time ago, about 200 years ago, Bali is one empire, Gelgel empire which covers Blambangan(Banyuwangi), Bali, Lombok, and Sumbawa. But Gelgel has been fall because rebel attack and now, many princedoms war each other for king self ambition to rule all Bali if they want!

In Pedalahusa Fall of Bali, there are many features

>Ten Factions of Balinese-Lombok:

  1. Badung: Southern faction in Bali and the richest faction in Bali-Lombok, very good in early with huge income.
  2. Mengwi:Very influence princedom in 18th century but falling down in early 19 century, not good in early. Normal income
  3. Jembrana:colonial of Mengwi in west, bad position in early. Low income
  4. Buleleng:Very influence princedom in early 17th century but falling down after that and become vasal of Karangasem. Good location, normal income.
  5. Tabanan:the royal faction which exists from 16th century. Good location, not very good for income.
  6. Klungkung:Succesor of Gelgel and respectable among the others faction as Susuhunan Bali and Lombok. Very good location and influence. Not very good in income
  7. Bangli:no sea faction. Bad location. low income.
  8. Gianyar: A new faction which take a chance to expending the territory from Down of Mengwi's power. Good location. normal income.
  9. Karangasem:Strong faction in easten Bali and western Lombok. Good location. Not very good for income
  10. Mataram:same dynasty of Karangasem but separating from Karangasem in late 18 century and have a ambition to rule all Lombok in one banner. Good situation. Normal income

>Have a 43 city/town

>Can make an alliance and declaring a war to the enemy

>Conquer or make all faction as vasal before 1909.

>English and Indonesian Language.

>Fell the historical events like Earthquake, pest, Dutch intervantion, and many more!

>Have many trade routes which can generate the money

>Can claim a title "Susuhunan of Bali and Lombok" and expading your influence among the enemy.

>Control your army in battle and slaughter the enemy or make them rout in ten minutes!

>Can give many order in battle such:Puputan(fight into death), Defending, Attacking, Firing (for musket solider), and routing.

>Theater State:Increase your influence by religion ritual with money spends and more ritual, more influence among the others! Without ritual, your influence will be decrease and bargin power in diplomation.


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